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Helicopter Ditching Testing


For those tests, SIREHNA is using a pulling basin with powerful fans around it which are recreating wind conditions. A wave generator is simulating the state of sea at the scale of the mock-up. Then it is freely moving into the basin, with a 3D trajectory system or a video system recording the behaviour of the mock-up Acceleration and pressure at various points of the model can be also recorded with an onboard miniature acquisition system embedded into the mock-up.


SIREHNA is providing each step of a flotation test session :

- Production of deliverables,
- Design, manufacture, ballast and verify the model,
- Measurement of the waterlines on the fuselage for all the configurations with intact floats,
- Delivery of a model acceptance report, to demonstrate that the model is complied with client specifications,
- Preparation of the tests,
- Set-up for wind generator system, calibration of waves and wind,
- Delivery of a test facilities acceptance report, to demonstrate that the test facilities used during the tests are complied with client specifications,
- Completion of the flotation tests up to sea state 6 on regular waves and up to sea state 6 on irregular waves,
- Delivery of qualification report presenting the tested configurations and the data recorded,
- Delivery of a DVD presenting all the videos recorded during the tests.