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Helicopter Ditching Testing

SIREHNA provides a practical response to helicopter certifications with ditching provisions

- Structural strength of the cabin
- Dynamic behavior after wave impact


We are providing mock-up design and manufacturing for testing applied to multiple domains :

- Helicopter
- Unmanned Surface and Aerial Vehicle
- Airplane


Mock-up and design manufacturing

- Multiple configurations
- Ballasting of the mock-up
- Main rotor to produce adjustable lift
- Pressure sensors
- Accelerometers
- Miniature data acquisition system



- 3D motion tracking for attitude measurements
- Synchronised free fall with incoming waves
- Embedded pressure measurements
- Embedded accelerations measurements
- High speed video & standard video


Results Provided

- Pressure and accelerations data
- Position, velocity and attitude data
- Lift at impact
- Rate of descent at impact
- Attitude of the model at impact
- Videos