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First offshore lifting operations with centimetric precision successfully carried out by the Zourite mega-barge

Sirehna and D-ICE Engineering engaged in an exceptional project by providing the dynamic positioning system (DP) and driving the combined expertise for the gigantic barge Zourite, designed to convey viaduct elements for the Reunion island new costal road. The barge has successfully completed its first mission by laying the first bridge pile with a centimetric accuracy.

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New success for SIREHNA DP System equipped barge Zourite in Poland

This new heavy lift boat, owned by Vinci/Barillec and provided by Crist Shipyard will take part to the construction of the new costal highway on the Reunion island (Indian Ocean), built by a consortium made up of Vinci Construction, Bouygues Construction, Campenon Bernard and Demathieu Bard. Thanks to its Sirehna DP system, Zourite will be fully efficient during the duration of the offshore construction.
The 5,400 metre offshore viaduct, France's longest, will connect Saint Denis (administrative capital of La Réunion) with La Grande Chaloupe and will be dedicated to public and "soft" modes of transport.

Sirehna just achieved successful Dynamic Positioning (DP) sea trial on JifSurveyor

Built by Neptune shipyard (Netherland), JifSurveyor is a Jifmar DP1 ROV support vessel operating from Bayonne (France) for the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA). The sea trial was the occasion to test several Sirehna DP system modes/functions such as: ”Follow Target”, “Track Keeping High Speed” & “Heading Keeping High Speed”. It also allowed the “Speed Off” regulation validation, for which the DP is only controlling the rudder, while the shaft line speed is regulated manually by the DP operator.

Jelec and Sirehna sign a cooperation agreement to commercialize Sirehna’s Dynamic Positioning Systems on the US market

The agreement covers the marketing of Dynamic Positioning Systems developed by Sirehna to the US market of Oil & Gas in particular for OSV type ships and MODU.

The cooperation of the two entities concerns dynamic positioning systems up to dynamic position 3, the max of the standard international classification.

Combining the offshore experience of Jelec with the proven technology of Sirehna

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B2M PROJECT : a new design of EasyDP® system for French navy vessels

Kership selected Sirehna to install its EasyDP® Dynamic Positioning system on the three future B2M (Batiment Multi Mission) for French Navy.

The B2M are multi-mission vessels with a displacement of 1000 t and a length of 65 m.

They are intended to operate in Polynesia, Antilles-Guiana and New Caledonia areas.

Sirehna’s new generation EasyDP® aims to be :

more user friendly
easy to use
consistent with the latest IMO standards for both Dynamic Positioning and Track Control System

The system can be easily adapted to military, offshore, maintenance vessels or mega-yachts and also to ship modes of operation and bridge design and look & feel.